Sly & the Family Stone: Stand!

Sly & the Family Stone: Stand!
Title: Stand!
Label: Epic

2008 digitally remastered and expanded edition of the Funk band's 1969 opus featuring five bonus tracks. Stand! Is the pinnacle of Sly & the Family Stone's early work, a record that represents a culmination of the group's musical vision and accomplishment. Music journalists have often hinted at this record's boundless enthusiasm and blurred stylistic boundaries, yet everything simply gels here, resulting in no separation between the astounding Funk, effervescent irresistible melodies, psychedelicized guitars, and deep rhythms. Add to this a sharpened sense of Pop song craft, elastic band interplay, and a flowering of Sly's social conscious, and the result is utterly stunning. 13 tracks including 'I Want to Take You Higher', 'Sing a Simple Song' and 'Everyday People'. Camden.

1.1 Stand!
1.2 Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey
1.3 I Want to Take You Higher
1.4 Somebody's Watching You
1.5 Sing a Simple Song
1.6 Everday People
1.7 Sex Machine
1.8 You Can Make It If You Try
1.9 Stand! [Simple Version]
1.10 I Want to Take You Higher [Single Version]
1.11 You Can Make It If You Try [Unissued Single Version]
1.12 Soul Clappin' II
1.13 My Brain (Zig-Zag) [Instrumental]

Sly & the Family Stone: Stand!

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